Oops, wrong route.

Oh, yes. Today at work felt like a trial. Then I decided not to do a boring 6 miles on the seafront.

Don’t want to get bored, see. So I headed off for the old town but turned left. Thinking, quite innocently, that i’d do a little loop and find myself back on the prom after a shuffle behind some shops, instead I headed steeply uphill and didn’t stop. How uphill? Try a 9.22 quarter mile split, then a decent one, then a 9.15. So, a slow first mile, then. And I was blowing up at that.

Today was meant to be a pace run, so the garmin was set at 8.12 on the virtual partner and I was shocked with it 49 seconds adrift after 1.8 miles, but wasn’t worried since I hadn’t done a slice of downhill by this point, but was lost. Well, that’s a relative term – Hastings isn’t a big place, but I hadn’t been  on the roads I found myself on, so trusted my instinct until I found a main road I could link towards the seafront from (the route was in fact quite good, if i’d wanted a hard run. Straight up the steepest bit to the highest point in the old town. Good for 10k pace training, i’d think. Shame the job will be finished and Hastings a distant memory before i’ll get a chance to make use of it). When I found it, I was also rested so set about crucifying my virtual buddy and got back my 49 seconds in a mile.

That’ll teach him.

Unfortunately, my left shin also got educated. In the art of “Oh, shit, I messed up the Hastings half preparation last year and this feels the same”. So I eased off the pace, set about the last stretch of prom with an eye on the Garmin to keep my pace sensible and my last section is spot on 8.07, which felt nice and relaxed, so all felt good and my leg currently feels ok. Ish. I’ll take the bandage off when I feel brave enough.

Tomorrow, my 3 miles will be slow. Promise. And Saturday will be an easy run in preparation for next week. With a 4, 7, 4 and a 14 mile run, it’s a hike in mileage and I don’t want to blow up, so it’s time to be sensible.

Yeah, right.

Still, overall pace was a fine 8.04, so i’ll be happy with that.

My latest batch of mince pies are the greatest, even if Cathy will claim otherwise and probably prove it on her refreshed site. She is a girl, though, so cooking contests can be won. But when will she run and blog again? And when will we see some inspirational tunes from her, eh?

2.5mm rain, too.

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