Daily Archives: February 3, 2009


Well, it is cold.

But at least the snow that almost stopped me getting home safely on Sunday, made my day off on Monday seem wasted since all the lazy wankers decided to join me without even booking it on the 4th December or anything, stayed away and thawed from the seafront to make my run almost ok-ish.

In a my god it’s got cold but I need to be out putting the miles in even though my left foot was hurting this morning through the arch, heel and into my ankle way.

And no, I haven’t a clue why it was hurting. But it was, does and probably will tomorrow, considering my mileage increase demands 7 miles. On a mid week run. Not fair. Still, I trust the training program knows best.

In the same way I trust Jogblog might actually blog again. Which i’m waiting for. Well, she did run on Saturday. It might have been inexcusably short, but it was a run. Without a blog. Not good. She even told me one of her 10 running song nominations on the journey on Satruday. Can’t remember what it was, but she’s thinking about it at least. Now, if I can only persuade her to pick things back up again, maybe the other 9 will follow.

So, 7mm of precipitation (that’ll be the sum total of snow melt in the gauge), still up with the pies, 4 miles in 31.26, a sore foot and a 14 miler to look out for on Saturday. With work, too. Oh, cock. Maybe it’ll have to be a long Sunday run. Oops.