Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

Same as

Yesterday, that is.

Despite taking a route that started on hills, messing up the first quarter mile by not turning the Garmin on (but not, as seems to be the approved runner way, turning around and stopping. Ahem!) and setting the virtual partner to 8.12 pace, somehow I still ended up at exactly the same average time as yesterday. 7.49. For 7 miles. Nice.

Except it was cold. And windy. With ice on the path for the second mile, while being pursued by another runner (one of the folk who tend to do laps of Alexandra Park. It’s nice, but I can’t see it being nice enough to want to see it more than once on a run.) But after I split off for the seafront for the last 4 miles, I didn’t fancy that, either.

Still, it turned out ok. The fishermen’s huts sheltered me for a bit, two runners left the car park a few yards in front, resplendent in white tracksuit bottoms, one of them making a loud rustle with every pace, which broke things up a bit. A quick chat revealed they’re doing the Hastings Half in 6 or so weeks, something one of them has been putting off for 5 years. Hope the weather’s kind. Still, the pace they were going, they should have no trouble achieving their 2 hour target. I know they’ll never see this, but good luck and happy running.

Anyhow, I was feeling fleet of foot even after the turnaround point. Which was into the biting wind. I think it’s called how to freeze even when putting in a fair effort to keep the pace nice. I know it’s called numb fingers for an hour afterwards. Which is a new quirk this year – previously, cold hands just warmed up. Now, the pain and numbness lasts for ages, sometimes with pins and needles and everything. God, I want this winter over. Why did I get a marathon place to coincide with such a cold season?

Still, tomorrow i’ll slow down in preparation for the weekend. 14 miles. Not sure if it’ll be Saturday or Sunday yet. Long. Eek.

A mince pie was again enjoyed. Again, i’m cold. If I stop eating them, will it warm up?