Daily Archives: February 10, 2009

Let down

Sorry, but after Saturday and my experiment in how many hills I can take before exhaustion, it seems i’m dying.

Seem to have a horrendous bout of something (not flu – people die from that and i’m not giving up that easily), creating aches everywhere, pain in all my organs, a head full of fluid, a cough, the nastiest sore throat since my tonsillitis days and a feeling of impending doom.

So running’s off. It’s been so bad, I went to work late yesterday and today and as a measure I haven’t had a day off work (except for an operation) due to illness in 21 years. Nasty.

15mm rain today. 17mm yesterday. No wonder the village is cut off with flood water to the south. And my latest batch of mince pies are better than Jogblog’s. Ha!

Still, tomorrow is a booked day in lieu for Christmas work, so I can rest properly. Still don’t think i’ll venture out though, somehow. Maybe i’ll blog my vegetable seed purchases for the (please, please, please let it come) spring growing season.

Hopefully i’ll be out for 15 miles on Saturday. but I won’t keep my hopes up, or bomb myself out by attacking things too early.

RIP Joggerblogger, he’ll be missed…let’s hope his arthritis improves with rest and he can start a new athletic venture in the future.