And my ability to mis-read it.

Having been flying around the building this morning and having the dubious pleasure of being stuck with the client for the middle part of the day before receiving the tragic news (third hand, through e-mail minutes of a meeting I didn’t attend, but what else would I expect since no-one tells me anything anymore) that i’m to be stuck in Hastings forever (which means the job on my doorstep will disappear and i’ll once again be travelling over an hour to work while the useless idiots who have sat on their arses while the job goes tits up will indeed get a job on their doorstep to continue being lazy and useless and cock things up again and i’ll continue to be the bitter, twisted individual i’ve become, or at least I will until the mortgage is gone and I become a tree surgeon) I hadn’t paid too much attention to the weather. And locking up, again, it felt ok. And apologising to Cathy for being uselessly busy and not responding to her e-mail, it became a bit of a rush to get out of the door and run off the day’s frustration.

So, on went the trusty Asics, shorts and a long sleeved top. And after about a mile, down came the drizzle, down went the temperature and I was left running for warmth in a attempt to both warm up and finish quicker. Which, having selected a half hilly route for a 7 mile run, wasn’t going to happen too easily.

Things to take my mind off the route were a competition, a competition, possible questions for each (and I think the latter contest may still be in the planning stages…come on, Cathy, nothing like a bit of pressure!), my failure to remember to get mum a birthday card (I just caught the 3.30 post, so hopefully it’ll get there on time) and the hope that summer will be good.

Aside from that, it was all about pace. Like yesterday, I set off slowly, my first mile was slowest (but also most hilly, so I shouldn’t read too much into it), my average for just over 7 miles was 7.54 (targetting an 8.12 pace) and now I feel fresh and ok. Good.

Clearly, the mince pie diet is king. If only it would help me stop coughing.

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