My legs are tired

Sorry, is it ok to admit that?

After last week’s illness, 5.5 coughing miles on Saturday and general tiredness on the back of it, I think the week is getting the better of me. All my runs have been quick, though, so I can take satisfaction from that, at least. But now it’s Thursday, i’ve run my 16th mile in 3 days and feel weary.

I set off on the hilly start route, slowly again (first mile the slowest, so it was all good), looped to the seafront via a man walking in front of me on a dark path bit, who stopped right in the middle when he saw me – thanks; to be shortly followed by a boy tripping the long way down his (concrete…ouch!) front steps, throwing his drinks bottle in my path as he fell (parents were on the scene before he’d even started screaming!), which I avoided as I winced on my way.

It’s a nice route, though, which gives a hilly challenge, breaks the monotony of the seafront, but isn’t too difficult.

Anyhow, the outcome was 4.05 miles, 7.59 average pace (three runs, a 7.45, a 7.55 ands a 7.59 average – all good), the nicest mince pie of the week, a trace of rain and now i’m sore. So i’m off to eat and recover.

If any of you reading this don’t see Jogblog‘s writings, check her current blog for a great competition…but be sure to include a bribe if you want to win, the deluge of comments is fantastic. Good stuff.


3 responses to “My legs are tired

  1. The deluge of comments have mostly come from a freeloaders’ forum. None of whom are going to win. Ha ha.

  2. Yes it’s OK to admit that. You’re completely allowed. In fact I did the same thing this morning and decided to postpone the 10 miler I was planning to do this morning until tomorrow. However, as punishment for being a light weight, I’m going to throw in an extra mile and kill myself off! Right, I’m off to make Banana Bread. Well it’s all I know how to do until I win the Veggie Cookbook from JogBlog!

  3. Postponing 10 miles isn’t lightweight – cancelling it would qualify, though! Thanks for the comment.

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