Slow Thursday

Well, makes a change from Black Friday (paint the devil on the wall). And if you can identify that musical reference, go to the top of the pile. And go and get a life less sad than mine!

Work today was tiring, mainly owing to wanting to eat all the time. All of it. I think my miles caught up with me today. Well, caught up with my stomach, anyway. To the point of having to eat my (home made, marvellous, delicious, much better with half milk than all dark and white chocolate) energy bars and banana before I even left site.

And then, I was truly thankful that I selected a slow pace to match for my virtual partner. I went for the easy, run the legs out, option of 4 miles along the flat seafront, a simple out and back. And man was I glad I did. Legs are shot to pieces, I was happy lolling along at an average 8.14 and had I wanted to up the pace, well it just wasn’t there.

Thankfully tomorrow is rest before 17 miles Saturday which, quite honestly after today, scares me.

But having just gone out to get some milk, I’ve also found a pair of new trainers waiting for me. Left, dangerously if I lived anywhere other than I do, i’m sure, leaning against the back door. Last time the postman did that, it was with £600 of push bike bits. When it’s £10 of inner tubes or something, he insists on taking them to the post office for a signatue. A rule unto themselves, posties, but I love ’em, really. So i’ll not be trying them out this weekend, but they look very very very nice. They’re certainly extremely light, so hopefully will prove as fast as I hope they will be. I’m going to go for some fast shorter races after London, the Stelling Minnis 10k being one (not that i’ll be fast at it, what with it being too close to London to get my speed back and having a huge hill at 4.5 miles), but i’m hoping the trainers will help. The service in supply was top notch, so lets hope they prove good. I’ll update shortly (possibly with a first run next week, if my legs survive Saturday).

I didn’t resort to two mince pies today, i’ll keep that in reserve for another illness…my ears felt much better even though the left one’s still not quite right.

So, roll on Saturday. And after the run will be washing machine repair and fun, fun, fun. Hope I can fix it.

2 responses to “Slow Thursday

  1. I like this food trend in running blogs and those energy bars look particularly good.

  2. Oh, they are. Very, very good indeed. Shame they wouldn’t stand up to eating on the move, really, but then I would put weight on!

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