Daily Archives: March 3, 2009


A short post, by necessity really after such a short run.

My muscles took until this morning to recover after Saturday. My hips were fine yesterday, just soreness in the other muscles which finally stretched out to feel surprisingly fresh this morning. But despite a change of boots to my faithful old riggers, as I set off for 5 miles after work, I got 50 or so yards down the road and wasn’t comfortable at all. Limping with every stride to try and protect a seriously painful left shin (every step a wince, whether on heel, toe, midfoot, instep or outsole), I got to the bottom of the first hill, tried to assure myself it was better on an upslope, got to the flat at the top and couldn’t manage to convince myself I wasn’t doing serious damage in carrying on, so went back to the office.


9.19 average pace for 0.61 miles. A failure in my schedule. A hope i’ll be able to stretch/rest/ease/ointment it for a recovery run tomorrow. I’m looking forward, perversely, to 18 miles on Saturday so will look toward that rather than tomorrow, but I don’t know what to do. And rest is the only certain way not to mince myself an blow London completely. Which, after 11 weeks focused training, simply isn’t an option. But rest isn’t the way to complete the biggest mileage week of the entire schedule. Which is now blown.

1mm rain. 11 mince pies made last night. And none of it can make me feel any less shite.