Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

Dog Gone

So today was a day to see if my leg would recover with much stretching, ointment and a bit of easy use up 152 stairs countless times, instead of running them as usual.

Well, the final escalation while locking up made my whole shin area ache enough to let me know it wouldn’t be sensible to run, but in a nice enough way to know it’ll pass. Hopefully quickly enough to do 18 miles on the weekend (might leave it until Sunday for another day’s recovery – i’ll see if I get that far first). Still didn’t stop me trying an experimental jog through the office in bare feet, though, just to see if it was still proper pain when pressed.

It is.

So I got out of the office with one goal. Well, two. One was to listen to all of I Haven’t Seen Star Wars, the other was cross training. The task was to get into the garage, put my supremely heavy downhill inner tubes in my heaviest tyres, add a small amount of air to create the heaviest wheels with highest rolling resistance I can, let some air out of the back shock to make the bike wallow and pedal inefficiently, and finally attach a light to the back to allow a short ride to involve the effort of a long one and at least get some energy spent over the course of the evening.

Well, it all went well. Except Dad phoned at 7 o’clock to tell me the dog (my brother Paul’s originally, but donated to mum and dad for the last 6 or so years) had to be put down. Poor creature hasn’t had the best final 6 months, but i’d hoped he’d at least see the spring. Shame I didn’t make the time to get down and see mum 2 weeks ago as i’d hoped to, but I guess it wouldn’t have changed things.

So it was with a touch of sadness that I got the bike ready, and was really a bit late when I got out, but any exercise is better than none, I didn’t fancy weights, and it felt good.

The roads are flooded after last night’s 17mm rain, so the low areas were a touch interesting in their dampness, but a loop was done, energy used, and some satisfaction gained.

The ache even seems to have eased a touch more as I rest here now. If I can’t run tomorrow again, the bike will get some more use, for a longer ride, but hopefully I can get out for a short slow run to remind the legs what they’re supposed to be up to at the moment.

Thanks for all the comments from yesterday, at least it wasn’t just me had an off day, and marathon experience is always nice to hear about.

It’ll all be fine before I know it!