I don’t quite know how i’ll get to the bottom of this shin problem.

All day, i’ve treated it gently, eased my way up the stairs, drifted my way back down, had it feeling reasonable all the time and thought i’d give a slow run a go.

So I changed, strapped it up, limped down to the seafront (it’s downhill, so was a touch uncomfortable. To say the least.) and slowly trotted along. I stopped after a few hundred yards and massaged the most painful bit, ran a bit more, then stopped again for a good tweak to ease the pain, ran to a mile and then did the same. All along, it was hurting, but not painfully, if you know what I mean. No red hot poker being stuffed down the back of the bone, just a hammer being moderately swung in that general direction, that type of feeling.

So I gently ran back, doing a little bit of the run on the beach to lessen the impact. Got back to the office and kneaded the shit out of it, stretched it in directions it really wasn’t interested in, then walked to the car. Easily. Then massaged it a bit more in the car, then drove home, then teased it a bit more. Then sat down to type this and fuck me if it doesn’t hurt as much doing nothing as it did on Tuesday with every pace.

I’ve now no idea how to treat it, so am going to pretend it doesn’t exist. What you can’t see can’t hurt you, so I won’t look at it. It didn’t hurt like this last week, so it can’t do so now. Only a cast or an amputation will stop me wasting the last 3 months effort, i’ll happily sacrifice a decent time to get around and not have the temptation to defer until next year when i’ll probably mess things up again, so the next 8 weeks will be interesting.

I’ll call it an experiment in threshold training. Pain thresholds, mostly.

Ah, happy days. 2 miles. I wonder if I can hop for 26 and limp the 0.2? I’m going to up my dose to two mince pies for tomorrow and Saturday, see if that helps.

I’ll update when i’ve run again And ive a plan to do 18 miles this weekend which doesn’t want ignoring. Maybe i’ll hop.


6 responses to “Damaged

  1. Hope the pain eases!
    I am training for the Edinburgh Marathon (my first!) and am shitting myself! Can’t imagine myself doing it! Training is going well longest run to date 15 miles and am doing my second half marathon of the year this Sunday!
    Your blog keeps me motivated as I seem to have plateued(spelling??). Good luck

  2. You have my sympathy! I really hope you work out how to stop the pain (short of amputation that is). Are mince pies also known for their pain killing ingredients? That’s good to know for the future!!

  3. See an osteopath, pronto! A chap in Newbury that specialises in sports osteopathy got me through my second marathon with a knee ligament injury.

  4. If something is getting worse you have a problem and ignoring it will make it worse.

    If it stays about the same it is probably manageable.

    Either way you have to play close attention and trying to ignore it is probably not too wise.

    Getting it checked out is a really good plan. At the very least you need to find out if you’ve got a stress fracture.

    A local running club will probably be able to recommend someone knowledgeable and sympathetic.

    Take care and I think extra mince pies are needed

  5. I agree with irunbecauseilovefood and Highway Kind above – get it checked. If it is something that they say you can run through, then fine. If it isn’t, it is far better to try and get it sorted now and then continue training rather than carry on and risk not being able to do London.

    Here endeth the sermon.

  6. Thanks for all your advice. I’m driving past a local podiatry and sports injury place tomorrow, so i’ll see if I can pop in. Hope the weather’s bad so i’m not tempted by a skydive instead, though!

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