Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

It seems ok…

Just time for a quick post.

After a rushed day at work, following yesterday’s crawl while swapping strapping from foot to knee to other knee to ankle, depending on which was hurting the most, it was time for my 5 mile torture.

Now I was aching rather than painful, so a slow run would go one way or the other and a mix of hill and flat would keep my brain occupied, so that’s the route I took.

And the first mile was a struggle, to be honest, it all felt so laboured and difficult. But then, I found my stride, set a pace and went with it, my quickest mile was my third (but it’s all relative – none of them set the world alight, but I didn’t want them to – tomorrow is the speedy night) and a run was done. Surprisingly, the average was 8.06. Felt slower, but I guess Mr. Garmin hasn’t taken to lying, so i’ll go with it. If only since I can actually go 6 seconds slower tomorrow and still make my target pace. Yippee.

Not sure why my pace felt so awkward, but it was all fine. My toe is hurting loads as I write, but i’ll sort that in a minute, and i’m now back down to 1 mince pie a day, so clearly some confidence is coming back.

4.5mm of rain today (and drizzle in Hastings for the run), so the garden should go great if it warms and suns a bit.