Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Ah, rest!

After far too little sleep (well, a normal 7 hours but I need more at the moment) and another long day, the prospect of a run wasn’t filing me with joy. But 5 miles was called for. And Jason had done a good job making me more streamlined (well there’ll be one thing I miss about Hastings if I ever get away, at least), so I guess I needed to go really.

So I went.

Setting out slowly was my only option. After last night, my legs felt good at work. Probably freer than usual on a Thursday which makes me wonder if i’ve been tying myself up a bit maintaining a slower pace to hope to avoid injury. But for the run tonight, there wasn’t much there. A bit of pain in the left shin wasn’t enough to cause a limp or anything, but a few detours on the grass around Alexander park helped keep things comfortable.

Still, when I got to the seafront around 3 miles in, it was a struggle not to cut the run short and head for home. But i’m a good boy most of the time, tonight was no exception, so I looped out to create the full 5, albeit with so little spring in my step, it felt like a shuffle.

But the home leg was good. A day to rest and then 13. Mmm. That’ll make 48 miles in 7 days if  I do it on Saturday as planned. No wonder i’m feeling a touch tired.

Good luck to the many racers over the coming weekend. I won’t miss the Hastings half, I don’t think. It’ll wait for next year. And i’ll do it at a decent pace then, too.