48 miles. 7 days. Phew.

I think that just about sums things up.

Having put off last week’s run until Sunday, it crunched things up a bit, I guess, and even though it’s only a day, the recovery time seems non-existent.

But today’s run was good.

A bit breezy, but my route didn’t have any long straights and was all sheltered by hedges and rolling landscape, sunny intervals kept my spirits up and the pace came easily. My first two miles was broken by a road full of trainspotters for about half a mile and I was granted a view of what they were waiting for just before the line went out of sight as a steam train (green, sleek with a familiar sign – maybe the Golden Arrow?) rolled past. It was pleasant enough to see, I can’t see the attraction in videoing it, but it takes all sorts and they were possibly just as bemused by my running.

Then it was a bit frustrating. There seemed little traffic, but every time some arrived, it was met by a vehicle in the opposite direction right where I was, so I had to keep stopping in the verge. Right through miles three and four, just when a nice rhythm was settling in.

Ah, well, they were all very courteous, at least. I added a never before run route to add 5 miles to my known route, which spiced things up well. One of the fields had a vast quantity of new lambs in it, so hopefully i’ll see the return of the sheep to the field behind my house before too long. The little linking road doesn’t look like it’d had a vehicle on it for years, so was well worth finding, and the run in when I knew the last 2 miles went by very rapidly, so all in, it’s looking very good for 20 miles next weekend.

13 miles, 8.20 average pace, time for a shower. Then a paper, some gardening maybe, a beer then a curry. Last night saw more energy bar baking, so hopefully a milk/white chocolate mix with no plain will be the nuts. Maybe Jogblog will let me guest write the baking on Planet Veggie sometime, if i’m a good boy. But there again, maybe she won’t want a good blog ruined by an idiot…

Mince pies to bake tomorrow night. If I hoover, too, will that make me some sort of domestic God? Oh, no. It’s called cleaning up, isn’t it.

Super smashing splendid great.


3 responses to “48 miles. 7 days. Phew.

  1. Curry? Again? Can you get someone to open up a new restaurant in your village please? Pizza perhaps.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog – have just been having a read of yours and am interested to know more about the energy bar baking! have you blogged on this? if so my quick trawl didn’t find it… would be grateful for a point in the right direction of a good recipe?

  3. Sounds like a lovely run. Ah lambs! I’d definitely be interested in an energy bar recipe – I never manage to get flapjack type things to stay together, mine are more granola than bar.

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