Daily Archives: March 19, 2009


Instead of today’s run helping me forget a bad day at work and setting me up for the evening, I felt heavy, lethargic and slow.

Stopping at 2.5 miles to adjust my bandage to try and stop the pain didn’t help. Aches and odd feelings have moved around my leg from side of shin to other side, knee then down to ankle, but never anywhere I can pinpoint over the course of the day. The drive home felt comfortable, but now my toe is hurting.

I’m simply not in the mood for it-work’s shit enough without not enjoying my time outside it- and am going to have a rest.

20 miles might have to wait.

Marathon might wait if I don’t cheer up and enjoy running again, too.

And I didn’t think it’d piss me off that much in such a short period of time, but I guess when your job is walking up and down stairs for 10 hours a day, and every step reminds you things aren’t right, that’s what happens.

Sorry for a negative post. It seems there’ve been a lot lately. I think I need to re-focus.

Or find some fucking huge painkillers.