Daily Archives: March 26, 2009

Not slacking!

It seems ages since my last post. Mainly because it is. And while things aren’t going according to plan, it’s hopefully not all bad.

Since my 20 miles, things felt fine for the rest of Saturday. Sunday was fine, I was a bit sore, but a few miles on the bike eased that away, but then I awoke on Monday to a tight pair of knees and a lower left leg that had bits of pain darting around all over the place.

But nothing too bad. So Monday evening, I packed for Tuesday’s run, and Wednesday’s since I was staying out with my fantastic female friend on Tuesday to celebrate 9 months together.

As an aside, 9 months may seem an odd time to celebrate, but since i’ve had an odd life, it’s the longest i’ve properly been out with a proper girlfriend for (and the previous record duration was a mistake. Simply didn’t realise it had been that long. Oops), so thought it was a watershed worth celebrating.

Still, Tuesday involved plans for a run. And my left leg still felt poor, but even without any drugs, I set off for a plod. But experienced a fair bit of pain, stopped for a massage/stretch type thing when I got to the fishermens huts area and it was quiet and out of the wind, which didn’t help at all. So I carried on, wincing a bit on each stride, but completed the 5 miles quite nicely.

A quick stretch, 2 hours in the car to London, a mile walk for a pizza and I thought I felt surprisingly good. To the point of thinking it had probably got my long run out of the muscles.

Until Wednesday morning, when I could barely stand without pain, had to go down the stairs first time backwards since my legs just wanted to fold when bending to relieve the hurt (or maybe offset it with a bleeding face!), and wondered what had happened since going to bed. I couldn’t even massage my left leg, it hurt too much to touch.

But by mid morning, most of the pain had gone. Granted, I had more bandages than a mummy on my lower legs, but they were at least showing signs of recovery. So yesterday, I rested.

And today, i’ve been support-less. My right leg’s fine. My left winces from the ankle, left and right shin, and the outer knee with every pace, but it’s manageable as long as I don’t try to run (which, when the client is snagging the ground floor, you realise you’ve forgotten a bunch of  keys and have to get to the office and back before he spots too many problems, is easier said than done! It hurt, and didn’t look too good, i’m sure, but I made it!) and is improving by the hour.

So tonight, I sacked off a run (don’t want to make it a proper problem by abusing it with too many drugs) and instead did a 45 minute thrash on the mountainbike. Which left me puffing, so it did some good and my leg felt good. Well, for 4 or 5 paces, until the hurt returned!

Reading’s 13 miles is intriguing me as to whether i’ll be fully (well, ish!) recovered and will fancy a decent time or whether i’ll be sensible and go at a slow training pace as I should, or whether i’ll still be hurting and will hobble in somewhere beyond a personal worst. It’ll be fun finding out, anyway.

But Sorelimbs is out, it seems, and JogBlog’s come down with something this afternoon that threatened pizza consumption, so I hope she shrugs that off. I’ll catch up on the others when this is published and look forward to Sunday.