So, in an update without running kind of way, the news I needed to hear can be shared.

Arriving at the sports injury/physiotherapy clinic this morning at 8am, it was with worry that I exposed feet, shins and knees to a young lady who could well unleash pain I wasn’t prepared for. Instead, she started by checking it wasn’t a bone problem.

It wasn’t. Hooray.

Then joints were checked, including a good bit of pain as my leg was bent through the knee, exerting sideways force and stretch on my calf, forcing me to make a noise like a small boy, whining for his mum.  After an explanation of why, though, she was happy it wasn’t a joint, either. Yippee.

Next, ligaments were evaluated and crossed off. Marvellous.

So, the diagnosis is torn muscle.

I could have referred her to my blog and got another hit, I guess, but settled for reading my hard copy running log, in which mileage is summarised with location, fun factor and pain. Which turned out to be supremely useful in diagnosing that while my ankle is tight, it’s not what has lead to the problem directly, more a combination of little niggles not being fully cleared before a new one starts, resulting in where I am now.

Which is a grade 2 tear, apparently. I don’t know if they’re standard scales, but 1 is a standard stage beyond a strain and treatable with rest and stretching and massage. 3 is fully torn, internal bleeding, long rest and recovery with intense physio. 2 is, as expected, between the two, and she’s hopeful that proper rest for 3 to 5 days, coupled with physio, ultrasound treatment, massage (looks like Cathy’s moving in a month too late…i’ll have to do it myself!) and as near normal use as possible (ie. roll through steps from heel to ball of foot in walking, not carrying it to keep the pain away) will see the worst of it gone. I won’t be running for at least a week (possibly longer, she’ll advise on my next visit), but if all goes very well, I may be allowed to put in a light ride on the bike (ie. spin up hills etc instead of crunch up them) or two. The next visit is Thursday and i’m already excited. But not entirely by the prospect of more ultrasound treatment, which feels just plain wrong. She explained what it might feel like. Well, it didn’t. It was odd. But if it works, i’ll have more, please!

And the best news is that, while the last pinnacle of training will be missed and i’ll have to settle for whatever time I can, THERE’S NO REASON I WON’T BE FIT ON MY LEGS IN TIME FOR LONDON!

I guess everything from about 18 miles will be a struggle of will over ability, but if I can still go, i’ll settle for that, to be fair. So, while I could use the money being spent on many other things (just been invited to go for the Megavalanche again this year…mmmm tempted. Must consult JB…), the chance to do London again means so much, it’ll be more than worth it.

I just want to be running again.

Oh, and I made 12 more mince pies last night. Yum.

7 responses to “Physiotherapy

  1. Fab news Shaun, you must be relieved.

    Good to meet you Sunday – hope we can all get together again sometime soon.

  2. Glad you got it sorted Shaun.

  3. good news. glad you’re ok.

  4. That’s good news that it is nothing more serious. Here’s to a week of relative rest and then back to normal!!

  5. Great news now go and put your feet up!

  6. Good news!

  7. Thanks for the support. I’ll keep you all posted.

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