A mixed bag

A quiet week on the exercise front has been anything but in all other respects.

My birthday meal was reasonably successful, Sunday was spent in the garden planting tomatoes on (all but 2 appear to be ill, so new seeds have been sown this evening and are in the propogator) and getting set for spring, then Monday was off to Cathy’s.

A mild bout of decorating her second room rapidly escalated into completely re-building it in 3 days, which involved 9 sheets of plasterboard going upstairs. Now, i’m not entirely sure how that runs with my muscle repair, but I think I carried it off safely and my stretching seems to be going ok. It felt very sore yesterday, so today’s trip to the physio was eagerly anticipated.

And as 4.30 came round, I was reminded what proper pain is as she found the spot straight away and made me wince like I was a week ago. Which is nice, since it does give a check that the pain has massively reduced. With only 2 weeks to go, she’s not sure it’ll be sorted fully since the calf does take longer than quads and other larger muscle groups, but the nerves are with the tears apparently, so when the healing’s done, the pain will stop, simple as that. And if there’s that much less pain in general use, the damage has reduced.

I’ve still got to wait a week before i’m allowed to run, and then only a slow short testing jog, but that’ll do. It’ll give a week of testing runs before I commit to exploding it around 26 miles, which will be all I need to make a rational decision. But until then, i’ve free reign on the bike. So tomorrow, i’ll be out in honour of Jo and Phil as they head east. Only i’ll be enjoying a bit of off road mixed with some tarmac no more than 6 miles from my doorstep.

Only big cock up of the week has been going for 3 days without mince pies.

Maybe that’s why my leg feels a bit sore. Time to stretch. And keep the mantra going that I will do the marathon, even if it does ruin me.


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