After physio yesterday, it was a bit of a surprise when my leg hurt this morning with little stabbing pains throughout the ankle and calf, so stretching was first order of the day.

Now 20 minutes when i’m thinking of the thousand things I want to catch up on isn’t the best way to start off, but at least it motivated me to a productive day, what with a motorbike ride, worktop glued up, shelves made and fitted and ended in an hour on the mountainbike.

Not quite as planned on the bike front, since the little stabbing pains made me stay on road (manualling and wheelying and hopping still put too much strain on the leg and cause a wince – I don’t want that to coincide with committing to clearing a tree stump or anything, and know I can’t stick to a path, so i’ll stay on road for a while). But after half an hour, I stopped, massaged for a couple of minutes, then turned for home, making a nice hour ride with no real drama.

Certainly, I needed another good stretch, but the pain seems to be reducing, i’m sure, but with 2 weeks to go and not being able to run for a week, i’d be lying if I didn’t say I was still not sure if i’ll make London. One second I will, the next I won’t. I’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, I guess. After all, it’s only 2 weeks since it tore and there are two weeks still to go, and i’ve come so far up to now. Everything I own is crossed in hope. Well, not my testicles, apparently that’s a hospital job to get it sorted, but you know what I mean.

Even if I have lowered my target time.

I’ll settle for making the start line and a finish. Whatever the time, as long as i’m still running. 26 miles is a hell of a long way, after all.

A mince pie and 3mm rain today, the first for April.


One response to “Anxious

  1. Hey, you still have time before the big event so don’t be too despondent. I’m hoping to be there to cheer you on, so you have to make it!

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