Yes, on the 16th April 2009, I ran.

The days at work have been horrible and this afternoon, it was all capped off by the walk around the back of the site coinciding with a nasty bout of pain in my calf, which lingered and developed into an ache as the afternoon wore on.

So in fear that I may lose the chance to defer London if I can’t make a decision by Saturday, I decided that tonight i’d stretch, warm up and jog, just to see what happens. I know it’s a day earlier than planned, but i’m scared.

Even more so now.

The plan was a short jog to see if I could make things run smoothly or in a comfortable style. To see if things hurt or are improved tomorrow at work enough for me to go for a proper jog tomorrow night. A chance to see where my recovery is.

I did everything as planned. My Garmin recorded a massive 0.23 miles. A whopper of a loop. Everything hurt more than I even begun to imagine it would. I couldn’t find a happy rhythm or pace or style. I carried my leg every inch of the way. But I got out. Without drugs or strapping. And at the second, i’m regretting every stab of ache (sounds odd, but the pain is stabbing but not in the style of a stabbing pain, it feels more achey) i’m feeling.

But i’m also about to stretch and want to see how I feel tomorrow.

I’ll update then. And also will make the decision as to whether I defer London until 2010.

The prospect of another winter training? Oh cock. Is it ok to be scared again?


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