Yes, today is bank holiday Monday.

I’ve had a good morning so far (it’s only 10.30), what with a bit of painting, a bit of internet ordering (mmm, getting proficient at that now. Hope it’s appreciated when it arrives. Yep, it’s not for me. Wonder what it is, then.) and a………………………………


Aye, this morning was the day to test my leg. So I had a good warm up, a stretch, a cup of coffee, another warming and stretch, a change and a jog. Out down the road, not the hilly side (I live on hill one side, a slope the other), really nice pace, wondering how far to go. And at just under the half mile, thought it felt a bit tight in the calf area, so checked the Garmin, ran to half a mile and turned around.

The run up the slope was a cautious affair, not wanting to speed up or anything, and I think I managed it.

I feel a bit tight, but no worries at all about things feeling ok.

Just got to decide if i’ll do another short jog today or leave it. And while i’m deciding, it’s time for a bit of knuckle dragging on the two wheeled motorised reason for living that lives in the garage.

What a good start to a day.


2 responses to “Excellent

  1. Internet ordering?! What have you bought me?

  2. Great news! It sounds like you could be back on the mend too!

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