A new loop

Today was sunny, warm and pleasant in a true “it’s nice to live in Kent” way. Distractions conspired to disrupt my plan to cycle to work (i’ll be doing that tomorrow), so I lobbed my running kit into the car and promised a jog instead.

Now the weather was superb and working on a 16 hectare site (according to the architect yesterday) surrounded by fields and trees made it feel like summer’s here, backed up by the need to drink loads more than usual and rue the idiots who insist we can’t build without covering ourselves in layers of protective clothing to make work as nasty as possible. But it’s a touch warm for running, really, especially at 5 o’clock in the pm.

Still, knowing i’ve a 10k planned for a month’s time and the Crisis run in a fortnight (anyone else want to join us for a pizza after? 5 so far, Cathy selecting the venue so the pizza should be fine…), heat is no barrier to training and i’ll be running through the summer for the Royal Parks Half, I guess, so may as well get used to it. And it is nice to be able to worry about the heat and not my leg, after all. Which is still sore, incidentally, but in a way that doesn’t scare me for future health and if I want to run, I reckon that’s better than climbing walls and being a grouch. So i’ve promised to keep the pace down until it feels perfect and just enjoy the runs.

Which wasn’t happening today for some reason.

I felt heavy, dead on my feet (no spring in my step, no surge, no push) and weary. The first mile was easy enough but after that, even on the downhills, I had no drive or spirit in the run. Maybe because of the race on Sunday and my lack of preparation, maybe just a bit tired but whatever it was, I seemed to trudge along the road. Even running a new route didn’t lift me but it was nice to see new things, evidenced by my taking a road too early, causing a detour to regain a road I recognised to take me back to site.

Still, generally it was fair enough. With hills everywhere, or so it seemed, averaging 8.07 doesn’t seem too bad. My leg feels sore at the moment and thinking back, it wasn’t very comfortable in the middle part of the run, so care is still needed, I reckon. I don’t know when i’ll be fully through it, but hopefully soon enough to enjoy a sprint or two again before I get too old!

Just got to hope Cathy gets better soon, then Juneathon will be a challenge. Hopefully though, fitness won’t coincide with her new computer, else i’ll have to start making my own mince pies again, and that would just be pain unlucky!

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