Heart rate fun

After a week that seemed to go on forever, yesterday wasn’t a particularly good day, at least as moods go. I don’t know why, the day just wasn’t good. Despite mowing the lawn, clipping the hedges, taking the bits I can’t compost to the dump as well as clearing a bit more space for  a new log store that hasn’t started yet because there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that and hoover, change beds, wash, go out and everything else I want to do, I just felt I wasn’t achieving anything. Shelves, roof boarding and other essentials just aren’t happening.

Can I win the premium bonds and retire, please?

Still, today I promised a ride, possible skydive and run. But it’s too windy for a jump (they’ve been taking lifts up this morning but I don’t fancy it on a large canopy). So the motorbike went well this morning instead.

And I fancied a bit of a change. With Juneathon starting tomorrow and that, i’ve been thinking about alternative activities, one of which might be a play on Cathy’s new  rowing machine. Only to do so and make a proper job of it, I fancy trying the heart rate settings. But i’ve not a proper knowledge of my peak heart rate, only knowing it races along at rest as though i’m about to arrest. The pain is, I didn’t think i’d ever do heart rate training, so my Garmin 405 hasn’t got the bits to measure me. But I know a 301 that has. So I talked Cathy into lending me it, cycled with her to Ulcombe (a relatively quiet, bloody steep and long hill), strapped myself up and started running.

My starting rate was about 135. My first relatively gentle ascent (getting the 4 mile ride there out of my legs in the process) got my rate up to 165bpm, but turned out to be about 0.25 miles, so a bit far according to the book i’d read on the subject last night (well, 3 pages of a book, anyway…I feel an expert now!), so after a slow jog down, the next climb was a bit more vigorous, got 172 bpm, and was 0.17 miles. The next got 176bpm so for the final sprint, I raced on up to my first marker and carried on a bit.

I don’t think I quite got things right; despite feeling i’d blown up, 3 paces after I stopped, I felt ok so gave another sprint until again I felt things were over. Clearly I shouldn’t reach a false plateau so must learn to drive through it next time to see where I end up, but as a base I seem to have a peak of 187bpm, achieved just after stopping the second sprint. Which might be about right, I guess, but i’ll confirm it the next convenient weekend after June to see how the month changes me.

My blogs will be shorter, for sure. I’m going to run out of time each day, I fear. My plan is to cycle to work every day for the month (well, apart from when i’m in Brentford on a course!) which is 8 hilly miles each way, run as much as I can (hopefully at least a mile each day, plus the Crisis run, the Staplehurst 10k, a bit of training for it if I can but I don’t know how a run and the riding will leave me, energy wise, and I can’t afford to get massively over-tired). I’ll try to keep up the weights on Sundays and Tuesdays, will add some sit-up-type-crunch-type odd things i’ve developed each day and keep a running total of them, as well as doing more press-ups than normal (well, not more quantity than normal, just more frequent. Might try for a fast set as the month ends, see how many I can do in 30 seconds.)

Basically, just co-ordinate everything into a month of intensity and try not to get ill doing it.

But again, can I have some more time please? I hope Cathy’s ok baking the mince pies, I think I might struggle with that one!

So, roll on Juneathon. Hopefully everyone’s ready; good luck whatever you’re doing, have fun, and record it. I’ll struggle with that bit on the 4th and the 12th so will catch up the following days.

Exciting, innit?


One response to “Heart rate fun

  1. With a cycling commute you have Juneathon well sorted. Your only problem will be thinking of things to blog about.

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