The 9.10 to Juneathon

I seem to be blogging a bit later than planned and not, had you been reading one of the blogs, because i’ve been detained for questioning regarding attempted murder, assault or anything criminal at all.

Oh, no. I’ve simply been entering into the spirit of the upping your game for June by doing more than normal. I’ll state it won’t last (tomorrow involves over four hours commuting, none of it pedal powered, with a probable late finish to boot) but i’ll try while I can.

So, despite waking in the middle of the night while abusing the best girl in the world, then being mostly awake since four, I left at 6.30 and repeated my just under 8 mile bike ride, up hill and into wind, feeling a little less fresh than yesterday. But still at work. And lo, after another painful day of shite, at 5.45 I found myself mounting my steed again for the same much quicker wind assisted, downhill just under 8 miles home. Can’t wait until the wind assumes a normal direction to assist the uphills instead. Maybe next week. Probably with rain. Ah, well.

And upon arriving home (sweaty and prepared for a beating up via blog), a fantastic lasagne (think i’m being spoilt on the home cooked food front. Fantastic.) was consumed. Then, 90 sit-ups were executed to go with the 36 from last night (the 36 are my own painful concoctions and much more painful than the 90 I got bored with before they hurt. Yet i’m still fat. Not fair.) Then 50 press-ups (see comment for normal sit-ups. They’re a good warm up for the weights but I find them easy and dull. I’ll do 100 to close out thoughts of that challenge before the end of the month, then i’ll attempt my record of 54 in 30 seconds and see if I can top it) but i’m still fat. Then I did my usual Tuesday half hour of weights. Then, because it’s June and I needed milk, I took the long route to Sainsbury’s and outed 2.41 miles at 7.42 average pace (I did pause the timer as I paid for the milk. I’m not that quick!).

Yet I am still fat.

So, tomorrow will be a run and possibly a go on Cathy’s rowing machine, depending on time. The run will be a mile only, I reckon, ready for Crisis on Thursday, but we’ll see.

So, 128 sit-ups total, 50 press-ups, 15.5 miles cycled (31 for the month so far), 2.41 miles run (5.01 for the month).

Ah, Juneathon; who could resist? Can I go to bed now? Please?


3 responses to “The 9.10 to Juneathon

  1. You know that nowhere in the rules does it say that you have to do all forms of exercise every day.

    So well done on the intensity

  2. As above. Wow, I’m well impressed with your sit-up/press-up count.

  3. OK, now I just feel like a failure…

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