After the short runs i’ve been doing to assist my aching legs in their recovery, a longer step out has been in the offing for a while. By longer, I don’t mean long, just a bit more fullsome than they have been.

Still, the day started strangely and I didn’t get out until late this afternoon, so I wasn’t sure what the run would hold.

As it turned out, 5.4 miles of consistent striding. I haven’t upped the virtual partner pace on my Garmin since setting it to 8 minute miles, but know the mileages around here well enough for a rough pace guide, whatever it shows. I’m not bang on by any stretch of the imagination, though, so the true variations in my pace are all down to fatigue, not will power to maintain perfect pace. Which made it very nice indeed to return home, download my run and check the splits.  One rogue was 13 seconds out, the others within 5 seconds of each other, at a nicely maintainable 7.39 average pace.

I’m pleased with that – if i’m consistent at a pace, it means I must be able to up it and get ragged but still be ok long term. Just not this month, I feel. My legs feel ok if a bit sore. I’ve now done just over 19 miles at an average 7.35 pace, so overall i’m very happy. Not on for 100 miles in the month, but balls to that!  The pace will get slower as the month wears on i’m sure, but i’ll be interested to see what happens with this as a base when the mileage builds after July in preparation for the Royal Parks half.

Other than the run, i’ve press-upped (50), sit-upped (90) and thrown some weights around the bedroom. Cathy’s claiming a few miles walked around Ramsgate; i’ll leave the details to her. Tomorrow is back to the cycling commute plus whatever else I find time for. The only other excitement was a very rapid 10mm rain in one large downpour around 6 o’clock this morning.

But  now, it’s time for ironing. Rock and bloody roll…


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