No Garmin

Strange things they are a happening, it seems. Firstly I left about 10 minutes late for work this morning (well, not 10 minutes late as it were, just 10 minutes later than planned) but was only 5 minutes late when I arrived. Then the ride home involved a detour around an accident we weren’t allowed to see and i’m not a fan of detours on the pushbike when I want to get home. And then, as I was detouring, it started raining.

That wasn’t too bad, though. The bad bit was arriving home and the rain giving up for a while, lulling me into a false sense of dryness while I broke up the old chest of drawers (now own a pair of handmade oak units instead of one, with added capacity for Cathy’s animal sock collection) and sawed some logs up, only to start again as running time arrived.

Still, I quite like rain, as long as it’s not windy.

What I don’t like, though, is the Garmin playing up.

I realised something was odd as I got to my half mile spot and it was showing 0.4, along with the virtual partner showing a slow pace. And now, it’s just taken 4 attempts (including 2 in the foolproof force send mode), to get the data onto the computer. The first time, it seemed to go through but no run was logged. Now it’s on, it shows me starting at the 50mph speed sign instead of at home, with some furious zig-zagging along the route. Maybe my praise of it in the rain the other week can be taken back. Maybe i’m being overly critical.

I guess all that’s important is that Juneathon is still on target, 2.6 miles were done (or fewer if I take the reading from today’s effort. Which i’m not.) at approx. 7.36 pace, 16 miles (including the detour) were cycled and now i’m going to collapse for an hour.

While cursing the Garmin.


2 responses to “No Garmin

  1. Oh no, and you were loving your Garmin too. They do test us. I’m sure all that chopping/breaking of wood counts doesn’t it?

  2. Animal socks!

    You see that is why blogging is educational, I never realised such things could be collected

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