Today, i’ve mostly been knackered.

A normal start meant leaving the house just after 6.30 which wasn’t nice, since someone had spent most of the night pouring sand into my eyes, then abrading them with a wire brush before adding copious quantities of shampoo, just to ensure opening them was a traumatic experience.

Oh, and it was raining. Just little drizzly particles, but enough to warrant a check of the rain gauge (11mm overnight) and the donning of my cycling jacket. I only wear it when i’m confident i’ll get wet. And by the huge hill I face each time I cycle at 3 miles, it was properly wet both from the rain that had intensified and my rapidly rising temperature. And with the wind against me, they aren’t 8 miles I wish to repeat in a hurry. My legs felt drained and tired and I wanted to walk. But didn’t.

And guess what? Yep, after 11 hours (aye, how lucky I was to have to work the lock-up shift. Lucky, lucky, lucky) it was raining again, all ready for my journey home. Proper rain. Hard, oh-my-god-that-stings rain that made the usual pleasure of freewheeling faster than my pedals engage down the hill a bit more of a lottery than usual, what with both eyes screwed shut and that. But I made it. Every pedal stroke reminding me that my legs were tired, just as every ascent of the stairs on site had over the course of the day.

But i’m a Juneathoner. Even if my running mileage is pathetic. So, after moaning how tired I was to my marvellous girlfriend, I attempted a few weights. But got as far a set of bench press reps before my eyes wanted to shut, what with the lying down and that, and gave up.

So I strolled downstairs, pulled on my trainers, set the Garmin and ran. Aiming for no more than a mile, I decided that jeans would be the running equipment of choice, despite Cathy saying i’d look like a burglar.

Every pace was more tired than the last, it wasn’t a fun mile, but as I turned around (the Garmin was back to the usual distance markers today) and a pace was found, I realised the jeans are a touch on the a) tight side and b) warm side for proper running. Still, 7.38 pace is fine by me for a knackered jaunt, even if I am seriously considering driving to work in the morning.

Guess i’ll leave it for the weatherman to decide. And if the car is used, it’ll at least be a pleasant 3.5 miles tomorrow.


4 responses to “Jeans

  1. The cycling is way more than enough. You really don’t have to torture yourself

  2. I agree! I can’t believe that after all that you still went for a run.

  3. And in jeans too! Nutter.

  4. You’re a masochist – why try running or weights after two bike rides in the rain??? Nutter.

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