Seems to be the thing that drove me today.

Waking up seemed ok, a good night was had. Which, to be fair, didn’t surprise me, what with my tiredness yesterday and all. I’m beginning to think the comments i’m receiving may be right that i’m perhaps overdoing things.


But June knows no such limits and nor should I. The beast that is Juneathon has awakened in me a desire to overwork myself and i’m just frustrated that I can’t put in more running miles. Yet. There’s still time. But first, I had to ride to work.

Which wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t raining, there wasn’t a hint of breeze and it was neither hot nor cold. Pleasant, then. If cycling up a monster of a hill can be described as such when you know the person who lives halfway up it is in Spain on holiday at that very moment. Grr.

Unfortunately, the weather turned for the worse shortly afterwards and some proper heavy rain engulfed the site on and off all day. A relatively disappointing 4.5mm has been collected in my gauge, perhaps the result of being on a flat plain after the hills. Added to which, after 3 o’clock, i’ve been so hungry I had to turn to a half Mars bar to help me home. I didn’t want to, honest. I was ravenous. And didn’t enjoy it at all. And then, half way home (after another locking up shift), it started raining again.

Not as hard down the hill (where I overtook a car that was slowing me up. It’s a 40mph limit. It’s a steep hill, I think i’ve said before), but steadily enough to make Cathy laugh at me as though I was demented when I got in owing to the state of my hair amongst other things. I think I paid for such a style in the 80’s.

So, being both wet and hungry, another of Cathy’s delights filled me up, whereupon I set about baking some more of Delia’s energy bars (i’ve got energy bar baking duty…apparently i’m good at them) with the intention of putting them in the oven for Cathy to turn them off when done while I ran. But as I put my head out of the door, it was raining again and I sulked, came back in and finished off the baking thing. A bit of chocolate melting, some washing up and a drink later and it was late. Too late, really.

But I needed bananas. I’m hungry, remember? So I pulled on the trainers and set off the long(ish) way to Sainsbury’s, bought some fruit, came back the same way and here I am.

1.48 miles. 7.11 pace (I didn’t want to be all night, after all). I think I did 38 bastard style sit-ups last night, but it may have been 42. I lost count and started counting again but then wondered if i’d corrected myself. I was tired.

I’ll do some more later.

Tomorrow may be interesting. After work, pizza and beer and pub quizzes are involved in Download Festival (Friday only) preparation with my most excellent girlfriend and Gary. I’m all excited.

4 responses to “Hunger

  1. Ah, at last someone else suffering the Juneathon hunger pangs. I resorted to shovelling handfuls of Jaffa Cakes into my mouth the other day. You’ll have to let me know if the home-made energy bars do the trick…

  2. Oh yes, starving here too! Nothing seems to satisfy. Did you ever post/share the energy bars recipe?

  3. I too have been seized by a sort of hunger-induced madness. The night before last Sunday’s half, instead of my usual abstemious pre-race pasta meal, I ate some pork chops, and accompanied them with a potato and onion gratin and salad. At the last moment a demonic power took over and made me fry two apples in butter, flame them in Calvados, add cream and reduce. It’s a wonder I could move the following day, never mind run. Odd too, that in spite of this I seem to be losing weight as a result of Juneathon.
    But in case I need a little snack in between flaming-Calvados-sauced meals, I too would like to see the energy bar recipe.

  4. Oh Tom, you’re making me want to eat the screen! Nom-nom-nom.

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