Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

A slower juneathon

Following yesterday’s hunger, today was the day of rushing.

In answer to a few questions, no I haven’t blogged the energy bar recipe yet, but I will. Soon. Honest. I’ll do it on Cathy’s Planet Veggie┬áblog, as suggested ages ago, and will make the time. They are fantastic. Honest.

Anyhow, today I got up at a good time, the ride to work was dry and relatively nice with gusting side wind most of the way, before the day slipped away in a rush of getting ready to have tomorrow off.

Then I managed to slip out at 5 ish, cycle home with the same side wind, get the bed stuff out of the roof for Gary tonight, have a 2.6 mile run around the back of the village, get startled by a cockerel in the road on the way, at a leisurely just under 8 minute mile pace, and now here I am blogging.

Just about to jump into the shower, off to collect Gary for Pizza, then an earlier run tomorrow before heading to Donington for the day.

I swear, it’s all go! Hopefully i’ll get some time to think on Sunday morning, then something other than exercise and eating can get a look in! Ah. The joy of June.