Daily Archives: June 13, 2009

Mad dogs…go out and Juneathon

Faith No More. Very good. Leaving Donington at 23.30, not so good. Stopping 3 times on the way home to run around car parks to stay awake, even worse.

Ah, well. It was worth it. Waking up today seemed a slow affair which didn’t bode well for a spirited run, but I thought i’d plod out a bit later in the day to see how thing went. And, having just got back, it went slowly, heatedly and tiredly.

I’ve been making another log store and logging firewood today so I should perhaps have been better prepared for the warmth, but nothing seems to overheat me quite like a run and now, I feel horrible. And it was only a 3.5 miler.

Tomorrow is forecast hot from about 10 o’clock so unless I can get out before then it looks as though i’ll be in the same state again. Hopefully my tight-ish left calf will ease following a stretch and i’ll feel happy getting up early and dashing out. We’ll see.

Until then, i’ll be happy to be nearly half Juneathoned and still enthusiastic. Just wish there were more hours in the day.