Wearing out

A day of humidity followed the morning cycle to work, which may have been the highlight of the day.

Very little wind, all of it behind me, didn’t set things off too badly. The day itself was busy, but in a productive way for a change, and the rain shower that seemed to be thunder everywhere but work did little to clear the air. It did, however, seem to strengthen the wind, which was into my face all the way home. Which was later than usual, what with having to lock up and that.

Still, Cathy had surpassed herself with a free curry mix, so that went down a treat. Followed by the worst attempt at mince pie making i’ve ever done (couldn’t get the pastry right…swearing and everything…not very good!). Followed by a run. Of 2.5 miles. Slowly, with an aching pair of lower legs. Just the niggling sort that I want to go away.

Still, it’s June. Yay for that. Just need to get around to blogging my energy bars. I’ll sort the photos and do it.

ps. Haven’t given up on the sit-ups, just not including them here. Maybe do a summary at the end of the month. 4mm rain.


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