Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

Forgotten something?

Yes, i’m beginning to wonder. Either that, or time is working wondrous miracles.

The day at work was only just survived – one of those true afternoons when I considered how much unnecessary crap I can put up with  in order for a job to be built and the overwhelming consensus was “not this much. Not nearly”. Still, the need to pay the mortgage and not too many companies offering jobs won through again, and I remain employed.

The cycle in was again pretty nice. The ride home was again into a wind – not quite as stiff, but more than i’d like. And as I was on the late shift, later home than hoped.

But since then, something odd’s gone on.

Cathy’s out at a vegetarian meet up thing so i’ve been mostly eating meat in her absence. But between mouthfuls, i’ve somehow (bearing in mind I wasn’t home until late) managed to do the hoovering, wash up, split some logs, chainsaw some more up, water the greenhouse, tie up the tomatoes, chat to Dave the neighbour for 10 minutes and get back from a whole mile run.

Couldn’t face more than the solitary mile, my legs are in tatters, but I can’t help thinking i’ve forgotten something important – there isn’t time enough for all that in one evening.

Ah, well. I’m sure i’ll work out what soon enough.

Less than 2 weeks of Juneathon left. Might get around to finishing the kitchen door off then…