Juneathon, carpentry and into the sixes

So little time!

Left home early to do a day with Geoff making his pergola, got held up a bit by a sheep named Fred repeatedly saying hello (but everytime Geoff went for the camera, he went shy. Typical) and didn’t get home until nigh on 6 o’clock.

And my girlfriend needs taking to the pub. And for food. Desperately.

So, as if carpentering for a day (at super speed when we weren’t sheep stroking, of course!) wasn’t enough, I needed to go for a mile. Only, frustratingly, I felt like going much further.

Still, as I set out, a slowish run seemed on the cards. Until about a tenth in, when I felt good so accelerated a bit. Then realised as I got to about 0.4, I was going reasonably quickly and still felt fresh. So, after turning around, I got a wiggle on. And got home in an average speed of 6.51.

Which now begs another question when Juneathon’s over…as well as how quickly can I average the 3.5 mile route (7.02 average done the Sunday before June in the rain) and how high is my peak heart rate, just how fast can I run a single mile? It’ll take practice, but i’m up for a go. Just before training for the Royal Parks half commences, I think.

Oh, yes. The sheep was great to stroke. As was his mate. Now tomorrow, I must get a jump in – there’s a fantastic plane waiting!


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