An alteration of priority

Yep, since Friday, I’ve been quiet. Not especially idle, just quiet.

I’ve been miserable, not making the most of the summer and feeling sorry for myself all at once and part of that is my inability to do things by halves, part obsession and part stupidity. But I think I’m back in the saddle.

It started Saturday, got up early, got to Geoff’s and had a superb day making his pergola. But the day ran on, I ran out of time for a jog at his place, came home, emptied the tools, said hello to Cathy (having her own running crisis…not at all related, honest! I’ll get her through it, even if she doesn’t realise it. Oops, she’ll read this, won’t she? Ah, a flaw in my plan. It’l be fine.), then found myself sitting on the stairs hating running.

Hating it.

Again, i’d run out of time for a proper run, was about to set off for a pathetic mile then a half-hearted blog (crikey i’ve even been failing to mention my success at eating mince pies continuously!), then an exhausted evening out. All because Juneathon had sucked me in  too far. So, I stopped. No Juneathon. No run. Not until I want to again.

I’ve cycled to work still, prioritised clearing the garden of logs (three hard evenings, still a bit to go but they’re tidy) and have just mowed the lawn (what’s left of it through the weeds) which has been thoroughly enjoyable. It’s the summer, after all.

Running out of time through running is silly. I ran pretty much all the way through the winter, now it’s time to ride the bikes (motor included), do the garden, cycle to work for fitness, relax about life and run when I fancy.

I love Juneathon. I love the drive it offers to get out and do things. I hate my inability to not get wound up by it.

Soon, i’ll love running again. I almost went out tonight. Almost. I’ve my first game of football since 1996 on Saturday, hopefully that’ll be fun. It’s an opportunity to mix things up a bit, if nothing else.

But right now, i’m off to put my washing away and do some upper body exercise.

Normal service will be resumed shortly. And yes, the RoyalParks Half will be carried out in under 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Oh, yes.


One response to “An alteration of priority

  1. Easing back to rediscover the fun is definitely the way to go.

    have a good summer

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