Daily Archives: June 30, 2009

Another Juneathon over

And no, it doesn’t seem anything like a year since the last one.

Last year, I was knackered and awaiting a rest. Because of my failure and return to occasional blogging (assisted by loaning my computer to Cathy and not being invited into her room to use it more than occasionally…apparently the end of Juneathon is one of those occasions, but roll on Dell returning my house to normality!), I feel well fired up.

Tomorrow will be another cycle to work day. I actually look forward to it every time, now. Despite my legs being absolutely ruined after the football – I think I should improve my stretching and mix things up more if the state of my inner thighs and ankles is anything to go by – this morning’s pedalling certainly helped things. Shame I can’t stop sweating like a horse and need to take on so much fluid every time, it actually feels like a chore.

It’s far too hot for me to run at the moment, though. I did a few weights on Sunday so will attempt a few more in a minute in an effort to return my body to some form before Royal Parks training kicks in and marathon training comes straight on the back of that. I’ll aim for one good and one bad run each week while it’s this hot – next week, i’m off work and not going away so will attempt to get up early to get a run in before the temperature rises too much. Then, it’ll be day trips with Cathy, bits on the house, motorbike, skydiving and fun all the way.

Bet it rains every day! Oh, and my turn to bake mince pies. And i’ll try to blog my energy bars.

Well done to everyone who did better at not exploding themselves during Juneathon than I and roll on next year. Thanks for all the comments on my blog, too.

Just hope the next year doesn’t seem to go as fast as the last one or June will feel as near as the dark nights of December do now.

Oh, dear.