I think that sums up my legs at the moment, anyway.

Sunday simply disappeared in a sea of shopping, grass cutting and doing stuff (including fantastic co-ordination in cooking a roast and making mince pies at the same time, in order to pop them in the oven afterwards; it was astounding. Shame I forgot the last bit and turned the oven off. Oops.)

And today at work, the morning slipped away in a sea of crane approval paperwork and frustration to leave a hectic afternoon that also went far too fast. Until 5.15, when I stopped and pulled on my running kit for 3 miles on the hilly bits around site.

The first decision for the run involved using a path I found by mistake, looking for short cuts on the cycle to work – it’s not a shortcut, but does avoid three corners where I nearly got run over last week. The second involved running at a comfortable pace. But this one went awry straight away when I was again feeling frisky.

I have picked up on a Garmin flat spot, though – after a quarter of a mile, my time goes amazingly downhill – I lost 9 seconds in about 200 yards today, similar erratic behaviour to last week (but I wasn’t paying too much attention last week and thought it was my pace playing up). Then, about 200 yards later, i’d gained 12 seconds overall. And the split was repeated on the return journey, despite me being about 100 yards away on another path for the return leg. Very strange. Especially when the distance tallies well with Gmap-pedometer distances. I’ll not worry about it too much in future.

So, I ran along a path beside a field instead of the road, found I had all the drive in the world for my uphill bit, eased off for the stretch along the top of the village, then powered down the hill before the big climb back towards site.

Only now am I feeling sore. I’m going to stretch for England while I clean my teeth later (the only time I don’t think of stretching as wasting time. Sorry if it makes me weird!), hoping to get some stiffness away from my calves. I’ve got tomorrow to cycle to work, which should ease things a touch more, so overall i’m well pleased with how things are progressing.

And I think i’m about to pick my first ripe tomato of the year. Fantastic.

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