Well, yes, it would seem so.

After a poorly planned Saturday left little opportunity for doing everything, I actually had to get up and get organised this morning to get out for my planned 6 miles. And with a dislike for morning runs, it wasn’t a nice thing.

Still, getting myself in the mood with a bit of shelf painting, I donned shorts and trainers and headed out the door.

Now I can’t claim it was exactly flowing in pace or style, but as the miles passed on what’s certainly my favourite route, things were quite nice. And a right turn instead of a nasty loop allowed me to run until a decent turnaround point was found down a lane i’ve only paced down once.

Very nice.

Had to take my glasses off for the last two miles owing to an inability to stop them bouncing wildly, but that felt strangely satisfying in itself, so all in, a decent stroll out to increase the miles.

And only a shower of rain yesterday. Will this summer never cease in the delights and wonders it brings?


One response to “Sunday?

  1. I think you are the only person I know who gets into the mood for running by painting shelves.

    Your industry is amazing

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