Daily Archives: July 27, 2009

A list

Not as in “A” list, just a list. Of things that mostly either hurt before, during or after running. Just for a change. And with bullets, if I can make them work. And if you knew how excited I was to work out how to use bullets just 2 years ago, you’d probably shit yourself. A bit slow, I am.

  • All day; my right hamstring. Continued to do so while running.
  • As soon as I started running; left ankle. Just inside the inner bone initially. Spread to the whole ankle after mile 1.
  • About a mile in; right calf. Mild, but niggling.
  • About 2 miles in; left shin, developed from the ankle, I think.
  • About 3 miles in; left knee. Very mild, but unusual.
  • All the time, everyday; Left big toe. But i’m not allowed to mention it. Jogblog says so.

And now i’ve been shopping, drawn my dinner (google the web-page or look on Facebook – it’s amusingly ok and fun!) and put out bins and stuff, I’m left with the hamstring, toe (don’t mention it) right calf and, rather bizarrely, left calf.

I can’t imagine why everything’s gone on the blink, it was only 3.5 miles, yesterday was a nice stretchy day after the run and the pace wasn’t too hot. Time to see if everything settles down over the next couple of days and I carry on, or have a rest for a bit and start again.

We’ll see. Maybe it’s the rain and that taking their toll. Maybe my body wants a moan. Well, it was enjoyable enough, so i’ll see how it goes. And none of them feels serious.

Which is nice.