A day late

Oh, yes. Following my painful run on Monday, Tuesday was a late evening at work which, as luck would have it, interfered with my planned weights session. So, what with still suffering a painful ankle that could do with more rest, I decided to cycle in again yesterday and do the weights a day late, thus leaving today for the run.


But for getting wet on the way to work yesterday and being in the car this morning through gorgeous sunshine. Ok, so the sun gave way to rain, but it wouldn’t have made me wet either way. Poo.

So, at twenty past five, I got changed and set out for a sprightly 3 miles around the lanes, deciding to do the route backwards. And, hopefully, reasonably easily.

So when I set off and felt puffed out all the way through the first mile, I was a little perturbed. But then I realised it was a run on the back of two days on the bike, so my rhythm was shot and I simply took a little while longer than usual to settle down. The first climb went quite well, the flat after it was fine, my toe hurt a lot on the next downhill (but I won’t mention it) and the last uphill left me panting far too much, but with only a mile to go, all was well.

A stop to let a dog decide whether to say hello, wait for it’s owner or carry on regardless provided a welcome break but also destroyed what little rhythm i’d built up, but back at the office I reflected on a good jaunt, one run closer to the half and another week at work done.

Tomorrow, i’ll be mostly driving and enjoying Cathy’s birthday present, Saturday will lead to a “I haven’t a clue what run to do, not having kept to a schedule and not having a 5k route to race” dilemma but i’m sure it’ll work itself out.

Oh, the excitement of a non-training programme!

One response to “A day late

  1. Running 3 miles backwards – now that is innovative training and non-schedule variety!

    What do you mean I misunderstood

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