Late. Badly late.

So bad, in fact, I think I may have missed a run. But only if I’m sticking to a schedule, so I think it’s ok.

Since Thursday, i’ve been to Bicester to thrash a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari F360 around a bit of a circuit (and got shouted at by the “instructor” for getting the Ferrari sideways – come on…I paid £20 insurance indemnity fee, will never drive a supercar that quick again and was feeling frisky. What’s a man to do! It was good, I was almost in control and no harm was done. Perfect!), been to Folkestone to get wet at the smallest music festival in the world, held on Tarmac but with Gary Numan doing a superb set (never thought i’d say that!), ridden the motorbike, jumped from a plane and developed a huge growth on my chin, the likes of which i’ve not seen outside a fantasy horror make-up studio.

So, been doing stuff, just not running. Which seems bad, until I look and see that I made the decision to half rest my legs last week, so it’s really only been since Thursday. And strangely, today as I started running, my left ankle was playing up again. Not really hurting, just letting me know something was odd.

Still, I had a bad day at work, so escaped to do the shopping and put the run off until about 8 o’clock, so I wasn’t backing out. And despite my chin wobbling as I paced along (yep, it’s that swollen. Even Cathy isn’t really taking the piss. Not much, anyway), I thought i’d go for a nice 3.5 miles.

The jump plane put out a few late skydivers who appeared to be doing some canopy work on the way down and two athletic walkers passed by the opposite way on the lane, but at just over a mile, I decided to cut the run short owing to stomach cramps and an overwhelming desire – no, sorry, need – to do a Paula and have a poo.

Never happened before, but it was amusing in a way, cutting a run short for something so pathetic. Maybe the chin thing is a sign of something being up – i’m going to see what it looks like in the morning and see if it’s a hair, spot gone bad type thing or something for which a doctor visit is needed.

Whatever it is, it wants to clear up a bit sharpish, i’ve got tigers to see on Wednesday and I don’t want to scare them!


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