After what’s been a pleasant weekend, I was having trouble justifying not running.

Saturday morning was out, what with the need to ride the motorbike and buy a new razor to allow me to look presentable once again; the afternoon seemed incorrect as preparation for a boat trip up and down the Thames, so I called that one off; Sunday morning was out after a tired start – despite best intentions starting well with a spot of window cleaning, it was finally de-railed by a trip shopping for food and essential stuff; Sunday afternoon saw completion of the windows, the sun making it too hot to run (I draw the line at 21 degrees) so I went for a ride with Cathy which, while 7 miles was hoped for, turned out to be 11.

So, that’s the weekend gone.

But I still needed 7 miles.

And it took until 7.30 this evening to finally guilt me into going. And what a hard run it was.

I reckon most of it was psychological, but it was a new route – out towards Lenham (where I lived 9 years ago), across to Ulcombe from Grafty Green, then home. None of the aforementioned villages are reached, though, so it’s a quiet run on country lanes at that time of the evening. The Lenham road is a bit fast for running along (I used to do 70 down it in the Corsa on the way to Brighton every morning for two years, hence why I avoid it on runs), but I fancied a change. And it was quiet enough. But it’s very undulating – not so you notice, but holding a steady pace is difficult. And coupled with a temperamental Garmin that was making me, at turns, 12 seconds ahead or behind virtual pace, I didn’t know where I was.

Still, a steady ran continued; the road from Grafty Green showed some nice houses, including a new thing that looks like it’s been influenced by too much Grand Designs on a Wednesday evening. Quite nice in a way, though, so fair play to them. Didn’t help my pace, though, which was still suffering erratic Garmin. And the effects of a cycle ride and a desire to go to bed.

So, the home leg was a welcome stretch. Becoming dark as it was, each tree tunnel made me all the more wary of vehicle engines even though I only saw three on the 2.5 mile stretch, so I was glad to collapse through the door.

And here I am, blogging at just gone 9 o’clock, about to prepare a packed lunch and iron a shirt ready for the morning.

Next weekend, i’m going to do my 8 miles in the morning before it gets hot. Then I won’t need to call on any excuses. Honest.


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  1. Sunset .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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