Yep, Tuesday was hot, Wednesday was hotter. But both were ruled out from a running point of view by a strange headache that starts at the bridge of my nose and runs across both sinuses. Really annoying. Now yesterday’s wasn’t bad enough to stop an evening out, but with the weather being so hot I slacked off the run. Tuesday, however was on a different scale.

I mention this because it started to return about lunchtime today, which wasn’t tying in with 4 miler plans at all. And as I sit here, after searching for a new front light for the winter cycle to work (fancy a set of Lumicycle lamps but don’t want to spend that money. Haven’t for 8 years or so. Reckon £40 is my limit; only for country lane commuting – any suggestions?), the ache has returned. Thankfully, it got no worse after about 2 o’clock, but now i’ve had to remove the glasses to try to help, so typographical errors may be because I can’t read what i’m writing.

Still, the run turned out to be just over 4 miles, on the Linton route with a strange thing turning out to be my slowest quarter mile being the first downhill before the half mile climb to the petrol station. A psychological gathering of energy or have I become crap at running downhill, I wonder? It’s something to work on, anyway. Unlike the last half mile, which was the quickest of the run and felt the easiest, too.

Generally a very good run, then. But if things don’t stop going wrong with me soon, i’m going to see a vet and have my life shortened to a few casual seconds when the pain can go away forever…


One response to “Headaches

  1. Didn’t think of the vet thing. Maybe I’ll go and the can take of the painful lower left hand side of my body and put a wheel there instead.

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