Quick! It’s Saturday

In an effort to do away with the gremlins of last week, I hunted around for the brief notes i’m using for distance and speed guides (I hesitate to call them a schedule) over the next weeks and decided my weekend run would be a race pace 10k done on Saturday to avoid the Sunday put it off for far too long disasters i’ve come to accept.

Which was reinforced when my weekend plans (again a loose term revolving around slack ideas to run, ride, jump and prepare to sell the house) were turned turtle by Cathy deciding I needed to escort her to somewhere beyond Ipswich and see an old schoolfriend on Saturday evening following her wedding. Which will make a change.

Still, the morning started well with a bit of furniture moving and clearing up, then 10 o’clock came and I got changed. Then decided on a route. Which was to be an out and back to the Sonnet Pure house (weatherboarded cottage painted exactly as a Pashley Sonnet Pure pushbike is in cream and burgundy) near Frittenden.

At race pace. Or some approximation of it. The question is, should that be 10k pace, half marathon pace or what? That’s what I hate about targetted runs, i’m never quite sure.

So, deciding faster was better, I set off waaaaaaaay too fast (first mile 7.05) then settled into a rhythm of counting 1 for every three steps, so one foot was even numbered, the other odd as I counted to forty then jumbled my brain to forget where I was and repeat the process so the other foot was even. Believe me, when setting a pace without music, i’ll try anything and this works well, as well as doing wonders to numb any pain, get breathing good to the pace and get rid of an easy few hundred yards.

And all of a sudden, I was off the main road, passing the Pashley house and turning around for home. Oh, and feeling pretty tired. But then I should hope I was, having settled into a good steady pace (in fact, none of the half mile splits are more than 8 seconds different except the first, quickest one, so consistency is good), at the upper end of comfortable. Then I ruined things by seeing how far I was, hoping to see 2 miles to go but actually needing 2.2. Which hurt. I’d forgotten it was 6.2, not a simple 6 miler.

Ah, well, the aching legs would have to carry on. And despite wanting to stop, I pushed on all the way, completing 6.2 in 45.24. Mission accomplished.

But still my slowest ever 10k since, once uploaded, it actually shows 9.99k. So, 10m short of a proper run and thus not included in good 10k run times. Smart – I hate having a target to fail to beat!

And now, it’s time to lunch, shower, drive and generally get on with the weekend.


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