Well, probably.

It’s been a busy week as usual, but with the added fun of estate agents making me feel good about the value of my house. Well, the marketing value at least – whether anyone will buy it, let alone for a price i’d like, is another matter, but it’s nice to dream.

So, with hopes of a nice new house in the country, Monday’s run turned into Tuesday’s ride, which changed to Wednesday’s run which hasn’t been blogged owing to getting home, having a shower and taking JogBlog to the pub, curry house, pub and home again. Far more important than blogging.

What’s not more important than blogging, though, is reading other people’s blogs. Just more interesting. So that’s what i’ve been doing this evening, in a catch-up style. And still have some to read. Which i’ll do in a minute. It’s not good now the work computers are so heavily sensored I can’t get through anything that isn’t building related for a catch-up…working instead of reading simply isn’t cricket!

Still, yesterday was going to be a nice short, easy paced run. And it was short, but with aching legs, it wasn’t easy paced. Slower, just not easy. The 3 mile loop was done backwards to put the final hill at 2 miles, not 2.5, and things worked out well enough. The pace controlled itself (again, a run without checking the virtual partner at all) very well – all within 9 seconds of each other, the final mile the fastest (well, to be fair, it only has a slope, not a proper hill in it, so it should be (and that was “in it”, JB…not “innit”. Ok?)).

Not as slow as it should have been, maybe, but a nice run, followed by a nice curry.

Followed by a nice cycle to work today. 9 miles to look forward to Saturday, then a weekend deciding what to do about moving. Think the property sites will get a pounding, for sure.

Can I win the Premium Bonds. Please?


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