The Sunday run

It seems to have got to that part of the training that involves a fair distance in miles without really taking overly long to cover it. Today (well, yesterday…i’m writing on Monday about Sunday which was meant to be a Saturday run, but the days make sense to me so i’ll stick with it!) was to be 9 miles which, at about 8 minute miles, is just under one and a quarter hours. A long enough time to be out on the legs but not ruinous to a day’s schedule.

Unless it means putting the run off, which I did on Saturday.

So well before 10, I was out running at a nicely reduced pace, no traffic on the roads to speak of, warming up from a surprisingly chilly morning, thinking it strange that after 2 miles I still had a full hour in front of me and suddenly the run looked long. A result of lots of short outings, I guess, combined with the loop being one normally done on the bike as a little outing to see ducks shagging, unconverted oast houses (pretty rare, it must be said) and not normally feeling daunting in the least. The mental block is from most of the run being over 3 miles from home, which I consider my crawling distance – if everything goes disastrously wrong, below 3 miles it’s ok but over that it turns nasty.

Still, the run went well. All the miles were around target pace which, with the fair few undulations on the route, is fine by me, and I felt reasonably fresh at the end. Not 6 hours later, when things started to tighten up, it should be said, but pretty good overall. I think the nastiest bit was the little loop I put in around the park to make the mileage bang on 9. I hate little loops and things, but the thought of a shorter run, or going past the house and back seemed far worse so I just got on with it.

And returned to news that Cathy’s entered a 40 mile bike race in a few weeks time. Eek. That’ll be proper lycra boys, tri-athletes, road racers and all sorts. And Cathy on a pink Pashley with added wicker. I wonder if they’re ready for her?

Right. Time to sort the house decisions out. How much to market it for, where to move to and which agent. It’s been 9 years since I moved for a reason and i’m beginning to remember just what that reason is.


2 responses to “The Sunday run

  1. Can we move to London please?

  2. No.

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