Monday and hot

In the strange way my mind plays rotten tricks on me, i’ve been busily avoiding thoughts of tonight’s run simply because again the distance has been upped. Only another half a mile, but somehow 5 seems a daunting prospect after work. Which is completely at odds with the winter training which saw 3 midweek runs, going as far as 8 miles at the peak (which didn’t last until injury set in) and serves to reinforce the power the brain has over the body.

Still, a busy afternoon preparing for a day off site tomorrow (learning how to drive again. After 2 years the company have decided I need extra tuition due to the insurance rating of the car. Might need extra sense to remember to slow for speed cameras if I was caught on the A13 as I fear the other week, but generally I thought things were ok. How wrong I am. And how cruel to know the company takes two weeks to pass on speeding tickets after the authorities have their two, so i’ll be kept in suspense about 80 in a 50 limit for 4 weeks total until I can relax about the crime or know i’m doomed to off the scale bike insurance. If the Dartford crossing and Blackwall tunnel hadn’t both been shut at 4.30 in the morning, I wouldn’t have been a) on the road or b) doing those speeds anyway. Curses.) kept my mind occupied well enough to cause surprise to my legs at 5.15 as I set off (Incidentally, how long was that bracketed passage? Almost forgot about it myself. Must stop bracketting and develope new techniques for asides) (One day). And what a hot set-off it was. Keeping to the shady bits, I was aware it’ll not be long before it’s dark and cold, which seems a shame but that’s the turning of the seasons. And it serves to remind that up until 2 years ago, I used to stop running for 6 weeks or more in the summer, waiting for cooler weather to return.

Still, after a steady first mile, the uphill section went pretty well considering it was into wind, I did some full road width meandering in the final 2.5 miles to make as much distance as I could to stretch a 4.8 mile route into a 5 miler, seeing as I didn’t fancy tacking an extra loop on to take things over distance and I returned with 4.98 on the Garmin. Just 34 yards short, then. That’ll do.

But with sore legs that are now to be confined to the car for a day. That’ll make for an interesting recovery plan tomorrow. Is stretching the calf while depressing the accelerator an approved driving technique? I’ll see how tolerant the assessor is if nothing else, I guess.

Oh, and yes, my soreness has subsided. I wonder if the tackle has superquick healing properties like the tongue. Or if it just makes injury feel worse than it is to protect against long term damage? Hopefully i’ll never have to find out.


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