The Monday slow

A List.

  • I’m off work, so it’s raining. Naturally. I wonder if Noah was me in a previous life and the flood happily coincided with an extended few days off he took?
  • A succession of strangers keeps coming through my door measuring things, asking questions and demanding money. I wonder if i’ll get any viewers on the house once the marketing is sorted?
  • I went shopping yesterday and bought some new underwear.
  • I won’t be going out on the bike all the while it’s lashing it down.
  • Yesterday evening was a 5 mile run at easy pace. I kept talking to myself (out loud) to make sure my pace didn’t rise too high. What a strange little man I must seem to any passers by. Thankfully there were only two horse riders and I shut up before they heard me. I think.
  • Today, i’d like to do my three miles so I can do my 11 before I go to Cornwall. If not, i’ll be running in the extreme South West of the country. I’ll see how things go.

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