Not Slack


I think.

The plan for the week was to cycle to work Monday and Tuesday, run Wednesday then drive the rest of the time for ultimate leg freshness.

It all went to cock when a) the weather played up and I couldn’t be bothered to get soaked every day, b) I bought a house and had to keep ferrying important paperwork to and from work and didn’t want it to get wet and c) wanted my legs to feel good for Saturday.

Wednesday remained run day despite not cycling, though, but with this I got absolutely drowned and proved the Garmin does indeed go wild when wet. The bezel functions went (literally) into a spin. The light came on, the screen I was in (virtual partner – 8 minute 10 second miles for a very easy pace to ease the legs around 3 miles) reset the pace up and down the scale like lightning and nothing would clear. I tried wiping it dry but everything had got soaked (it was only a heavy drizzle when I left) so I abandoned it until I got back to site, but even there it took 2 or so minutes to dry it enough to stop the timer, so all the information was pointless when I did make sense of it.

It’s all dried out and good now again, though, as am I. Tomorrow is my day for surveying the new house (a good, dispassionate look structurally to assess whether anything’s so dodgy I don’t fancy taking a gamble on it not collapsing before I can repair it – if it’s bad, i’ll get a professional opinion. I don’t know how bad it’d have to be, though. I’ll reserve judgement), on my own since Cathy’s at college, then an early night will be needed owing to the 6.53 train on Sunday being the only one that will get me to the start on time.

Eek. Not fair on a Sunday – I think next year, the Ashford 10k will be the race to do – i’ll walk to the start!

Oh, and some hasty communication with HMC and ET to arrange a sensible spot to meet for a post race pizza.

Hopefully Sunday will see a good run. At least I’m hoping to enjoy things and not suffer like the last half I ran.


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