Not a run?

Yesterday, I thought I had all bases covered.

Albeit a little late, I had my bag packed complete with tights just in case, everything ironed, exercise done and everything set. Then after a day at work, I discovered I didn’t have my Garmin.

Left it at home. Forgot to pack it. Not there.

Now, Jogblog won’t run without hers -“It doesn’t count” I think was her quote upon turning for home last year when her battery died less than a mile in – but I think i’m made of sterner stuff. Hope so.

So, a bit disheartened (my average pace for the month is looking ballistic and I fancied a half decent mileage, too), I made frustrated noises and set off. Plans changed while I started running and an opportunity for a few hill repeats took priority over everything.

Hill repeats. Hmm. Not in my usual arsenal of training, so something to be done for a change.

A half steady run to the start of the Loose valley lead to a turnaround and a full on sprint back up. A bit further than a proper repeat should be, I think (i’m using Trevor Rodwell training the UK middle distance team up the hill I used to live on for reference here – I know they were elite runners training for major championships and i’m not, but it was impressive seeing them destroy themselves in a few yards of hill to the point where they were physically sick in the pursuit of greatness. Shame they came in mid-pack at best. Nice to see someone famous on your residential road, though, even if I can no longer remember any names!), but it feels good to blast for longer when I do bother, so I did.

Then turned around and did it again.

Then again for luck before heading back to the office with no idea how long i’d taken, what my pace was or anything.

Marvellous. And here I am, blogging with no proof I went out at all. Well, apart from slightly sore calves.

I might even do it again sometime.


One response to “Not a run?

  1. I love my life without a Garmin. I have a cheap stopwatch and then I get to play at being a geek by plotting all my routes on a map. Embrace it, you still did some running and to be honest, how does a Garmin help with hill running stats?

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