Late week run, too much E-Bay

Having had a bad day at work yesterday, at least I had something of a eureka moment on going to bed about a resolution to my work woes. It involves getting this moving lark sorted (assuming my buyers are ever going to get finances in place, which isn’t looking good), finding the right object when finances are resolved and buying it.

Part of the correct object is a 1970’s Fibreflex skateboard deck. Another part is a set of Kryptonic wheels. Another part is a pair of Gullwing split axle trucks. I always used to use ACS trucks, have just got my brother a set of ACS 651’s to supplement his 500’s and they are things of beauty, but as a 7 year old, the Gullwings were mentioned by my peers in hushed, near reverential tones and, having redeveloped the urge for a set, the hunt is on.

Trouble is, E-Bay having been scoured, as well as many, many forums, it appears money may be an issue. As well as availability. My hunt has caused Cathy to accuse my interest of being my new porn, such has been the sudden earnestness of the search.

I might be close to finding a deck. The wheels are sortable (i’m not too fussy, and since i’ll use it, maybe a set of  ’80’s 63.5mm wheels will be a good bet before I decide to put it on display). Trucks will be the headache. Maybe 651’s will be settled upon. Who knows.

One day, however, i’ll find a set of Gullwings and be happy. I hope. Or hell might freeze first. Or my desire diminish and i’ll grow up again.

Anyway, I ran. A day later than normal, but a run. A slightly stretched out and back since I didn’t want to go fast but wanted a bit of an outing, and it all seemed good.

Odd that i’ve now got a twinge in my right calf, but it’s nothing worrying. Something to stretch out before Saturday, I think, which might be a good thing.

Ok, i’m off to do my lunch. Skateboards forgotten for a while. Honest.


One response to “Late week run, too much E-Bay

  1. Ooh… that takes me back. Gullwing trucks! I spent a good portion of the late 70’s wishing my parents had the money to buy me a skateboard with Gullwing trucks. Oh, and lime green Kryptonics… they were the Holy Grail of skateboarding for me.

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