Jogblog was right

Having finished the mid-week runs later than planned, my legs were feeling a bit sore on Saturday morning, which is strange for the low distances i’m doing but possibly about right for the infrequency that’s crept in with the high (for me) pace that i’ve maintained.

Being determined to maintain my current level of ability in the run up to marathon training, however, I wanted to do a slightly longer and more varied route than those i’ve slipped into, so my “Stick” was called in to use for my calves and once again, it proved a miracle. I’ve still no clue as to why a simple few pieces of plastic can ease sore muscles in 30 strokes that a day of stretching and massage can’t, but it does. Consistently.

So having cleaned the car, allowed the sun to go in and lunched, I set out for a route i’ve only done by itself once. It’s a bit varied in being a touch rolling, well hemmed in by trees and scrub, so the views aren’t much to take your mind off the run, but it’s a close loop to the house and a change. But I reckoned it was about 5 miles, which was ideal (couldn’t remember from before, didn’t want to fire up G-maps pedometer to check it), Jogblog thought a touch more.

Whatever, I fancied a bit of a slower run and went for it.

The first mile went to plan. Very nice it was too. Warm but not too much, about perfect for a shorts and long sleeve top combo, I chose my New Balance race trainers for a change and to get my feet used to something different in case my new trainers aren’t Cumulus 10’s in preparation for ragging them in the run up to the marathon.

But from there on, the trainers ruled. My pace picked up, the virtual partner went out of the window, as I got to where I thought 2 miles was, my Garmin said 2.6 and I realised Cathy was right on the distance but since I was feeling fresh, I kept pushing. Not to the point of being race style breathless, but up to a pace nonetheless.

Nothing much happened on the run. I got lucky with very few cars, crossed the main road without problems, saw 3 horses which surprised me since it was beginning to get dark and they weren’t being ridden with hi-vis vests or anything, and got to the last half mile with a plan to take a further 10 seconds out of my 7.51 pace virtual partner by the time I got home.

Well, I took 16 seconds out of him, finishing in 7.19 average overall for what turned out to be a 5.76 mile route. Quite pleased I was, too.

If only my buyers would get their fingers out and please me the same, everything would be shaping up nicely. As it is, i’ve merely a set of sore calves and a worry that i’ll still be here at Christmas and be facing a 2.5% increase in fees when the VAT rise makes me poorer.



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